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Shadow of a Revolution: Indonesia and the Generals

by Roland Challis

Roland Challis was the South-East Asia correspondent for the BBC from 1964-69, covering a turbulent period in Indonesia's history. This is his eyewitness account of the volatile political situation in a country still struggling to assert itself as an independent nation.

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Challis is an Australian journalist. His dissection of the independence movement, the Sukarno and the Suharto eras is clear and convincing. He explains as much as can be explained about the "Year of Living Dangerously", the coup, the counter-coup, the ascent of Suharto and the marginalization of Sukarno. He explains the Indonesian campaign to retain East Timor. And he's very good on how the international powers, including the Americans, alternately ignored and encouraged Indonesia. The only complaint is that was published long enough ago that it doesn't cover the current presidentHardcover, 260 pages

Published August 1st 2001 by Sutton Publishing

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Shadow of a Revolution - Indonesia and the Generals


0750924535 (ISBN13: 9780750924535)

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