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Finance Basics for Tough Times (Skills You Need Today)  by Harvard Business School Press (Compiler)

These days, everyone is talking about 'the numbers', and more of us are being held accountable for them. But how many of us know what they really mean? This collection gives you smart, succinct guidance on understanding the essentials of business finance.


International Financial Management by Jeff Madura Price Rs 3950





Accounting by meigs & miegs                           1220 pages                price 650/-

The Cost of Capitalism by Robert j. Barbera       245 pages               price.2500/-

Economics an A-Z Guide by matthew bishop      335 pages               price.1795/-

The Greatest Secret In The World by OG Mandino               185 Pages                   Price.450/-

The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time                                   205 Pages                   Price.1250/-

International financial management by Jeff Madura               670 pages                   price.3700/-

Management Powertools by Harry Onsman                          280 Pages                   Price.895/-

Personal Excellence by Ken Shelton                                     190 Pages                   Price.495/-

Rich dad poor dad by Robert t. kiyosaki                                             250 pages                   price. 175/-

The speed of trust by Stephen M.R covey                             350 pages                   price.895/-

Success In 30 days by A.P. Pereria                                       160 Pages                   Price.120/-




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