Massive cyber attack on Pakistan's vital financial data 

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Hostels in Rawalpindi



Another whistle blower silenced in Pakistan

According to witnesses, Afzal was shot multiple times and died on the spot, while three passersby were also injured.. (Monthly Pakistan Affairs)

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The body of Afzal Kohistani — the man who exposed the Kohistan video scandal — was taken for burial to Kohistan on Thursday, after the conclusion of protracted negotiations between his family and police, who have booked Afzal's nephew for his murder.

Afzal Kohistani, was shot dead on Wednesday evening in the densely populated area of Sarban Chowk at around 8:10pm by unidentified gunmen who managed to flee afterwards.

Station House Officer Ghafoor, of the Cantt police station, had yesterday said that Afzal was accompanied by his nephew, Faizur Rehman, who had reportedly also shot back at the gunmen.

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THAT it has taken seven long years and two fact-finding missions before an FIR has been filed in the suspected ‘honour’ killing of five girls in Kohistan, speaks volumes.


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The case came to light in 2011 when reports emerged that an online video of a young man dancing before a group of teenage girls had led to murder.

The mixed gathering had taken place in a village located in an extremely conservative part of KP. In the eyes of the locals, the youngsters had violated tribal norms and brought dishonour upon them.

Reportedly, five girls in the audience, as well as the man who was dancing and his two brothers, were later murdered on a jirga’s orders.

While the fact-finding missions were unable to definitively establish whether the murders had taken place, circumstantial and empirical evidence strongly suggested that was the case.

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Moreover, Afzal Kohistani, a brother of the male victims, had been alleging the same, and the FIR was registered on his petition to the Supreme Court.

Posted on March 8, 2019

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