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Paramedical students seek uniform syllabus

Members of the paramedical student forum demonstrated here on Monday, seeking introduction of a uniform syllabus in the paramedical institutes throughout the province.

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Holding placards and banners inscribed with their demands, the students started their protest march from the Grassy ground and gathered outside the Swat Press Club. They chanted slogans and said the present system of paramedical education was flawed.

They said after having a proper and uniform syllabus in place the students wont' get confused. They also demanded appointment of paramedics in the paramedical faculties and giving the medical faculty the status of a board.


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They also rejected the recently announced examination results, saying the results of paramedical diploma should be declared after three months of examination, and the rechecking system should be restored

They said in the recently-announced results of the paramedical diploma examinations many intelligent and hardworking students were failed which was questionable.

They also criticised the Peshawar medical faculty members and demanded of the government to make them accountable for their mismanagement, and to form a committee of paramedical students so they could convey their concerns to the KP secretary health and other higher authorities.

Later, president of paramedics association of Saidu Teaching Hospital Fazal Subhan and general secretary Mohammad Ayaz Khan also announced their unconditional support for the protesting paramedical students.

The paramedical students threatened that if their demands were not met in four days they would extend their protest to other parts of the province.

However, the protesters dispersed peacefully after assistant commissioner revenue Hamid Iqbal assured them to convey their concerns and demands to the authorities.

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 Posted on December 18, 2018   

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