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Odds in CSS Exams


The Islamabad High Court has issued notices to respondents in a petition of a retired army official seeking its directions to declare provisions of Establishment Division whereby the armed forces officers are inducted in Civil Services of Pakistan without appearing in competitive examination ultra vires and against Article 18, 25 and 27 of Constitution.

Water Crisis in Pakistan

A single bench of IHC comprising Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui conducted hearing of the petition and issued notices to the Secretaries Ministry of Defense, Establishment Division and Federal Public Service Commission (FPC).


Colonel (R) Inamul Rahiem Advocate told Newsflash here on Thursday that the IHC bench also directed the respondents to submit their response in this matter within a fortnight.


CSS Books

He said that the petitioner adopted in his petition that induction of armed forces officers in Civil Services started in 1980 during the tenure of military dictator [Ziaul Haq] through an Establishment Division O.M. No. 14/5/78-D-III dated 10-2-1980 and further published at SI. No.231inESTACODE.

He added that since then every year the armed forces officers have been inducted in civil service without appearing in competitive examination on 10 per cent of total seats.


Petitioner Major (retd) Waheed Akhtar moved the petition in IHC under Article 199 of Constitution and made Secretaries Ministry of Defense, Establishment Division and Federal Public Service Commission (FPC) as respondents.


Akhtar stated that he got commission in Pakistan Army in 1993 and after completion of his service retired on 30-11-2016 as Major and began practicing as lawyer.


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The retired army official stated that in 1999 when he was a captain in the Army, he appeared in CSS exams-1999 and passed on open merit. After passing examination, the FPSC demanded NOC/ Departmental permission Certificate from the petitioner.


He requested the military authorities to grant him the departmental permission certificate, which was denied to him without any reason.


He continued that the officers who were well-linked with the Generals were inducted in Civil Services on quota without appearing in competitive examination whereas he passed the CSS on open merit and was being discriminated against by denied the departmental permission certificate.


Waheed claimed that the facility of induction of army officers in Civil Services without competitive examination was generally extended to those army officers who are sons, sons-in-law and ADCís of generals or those who are well connected to them. Captain (retd) Safdar, was inducted in Civil Services after becoming the son-in-law of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and former Chairman NAB Qamar Zaman Chaudhry, was ADC of General Zia-ul-Haq when inducted in Civil Services. Former Chairman FPSC Lieutenant General (retd) Mumtaz Gul got his own son inducted in civil services on 10 per cent Armed Forces Quota when he was a Captain in the army. Similarly, General (retd) Mirza Aslam Baig, General (retd) K M Arif and Lieutenant General (retd) Jahandad Khan got sons or ADCs inducted in Civil Services on 10 per cent quota.


Therefore, he prayed to the court to declare all the officers inducted in civil services since 1999, when he had passed the CSS examination on open merit, as discriminatory and unlawful.


He also requested that the armed forces officers inducted in the civil services without passing the competitive examination be reverted back to their respective professions for which they were principally trained, recruited and commissioned.


He further prayed that if at all it is desired that the officers of armed forces are to be inducted in Civil Services, in the top three occupational groups of District Management Group, Police Service of Pakistan and Foreign Services then the same should be done by making them appear in competitive examination on open merit.


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